SPAIN TOUR: Penny Ikinger (Solo)
22 March 2019
12:00 am

22 March – 24 March TBA

PENNY IKINGER, armed with her electric guitar and a few distortion pedals, will play some exclusive solo and intimate performances in Basque Country, Spain. She will be showcasing some songs from her recently released album “Tokyo”. “Tokyo” is an international collaboration with guitarist DENIZ TEK from Radio Birdman and musicians from the Japanese psychedelic rock underground out now on Kerosene Records (Japan) and Off The Hip Records (Australia).

“The “femme fatale” of Australian rock Penny Ikinger gave us the last year one of the best performances of the Rock Festival of Andoain… “Tokyo”…I think we are facing one of the discs of this year for me …I will put it on my list with the most Pomegranate of the current harvest!” Txema Mañeru, El Giradiscos 18th Oct 2018